Tudor IIcu

Name of Delivery Partner: West Lancashire College

Name: Tudor IIcu

Tudor IIcu’s Journey So Far

Tudor was referred to West Lancs College by his family. He attended the College for an interview and an induction onto the programme.

Tudor started the course at the College on the 18th September 2018 which was funded through ESF funds with the objective of re-engaging young people and finding positive progression routes.

Tudor had moved over to England from Romania with his family. He has been home schooled and travelled a lot with his family which has affected his time in an educational environment.

Tudor’s barriers involved his communication skills as English is not his first language. He improved on this through teambuilding activities and communicating with others in the classroom.

How has Tudor benefited from being involved?

Tudor gained literacy support and has been encouraged to get involved in activities involving teamwork to improve his communication.

Tudor wanted to improve his English and communication and did this through the programme during team building activities. There are still some communication problems but this has improved a lot. He was also able to improve on is leadership skills.

Tudor is now more confident in his abilities. He is now relocating to Portugal and joining a football academy.

What skills has Tudor learned?

He was also able to improve on his literacy, communication and leadership skills

What did Tudor have to say about the Moving On project?

Tudor mentioned that he has enjoyed being on the programme and feels more confident. Language barrier is no longer a major issue.